The Firkin Rally

The Firkin O’ Bitter Rally: this is what we call a ‘Trad Rally’, which is a 3 day rally, with camping in a field behind a pub, with awards, silly games etc, but no live music. Next year’s Firkin rally will be held on 25th Feb to 27th Feb 2022 near Milton Keynes.

The Firkin O’Bitter rally 2022 is now SOLD OUT

Some photos from previous Firkin rallies:

2019 Firkin Rally
2018 Firkin Rally
2017 Barrel Firkin rally
2016 Firkin
2015 Firkin 'O' Bitter Rally
2014 Firkin
2012 Firkin Rally
2013 Firkin O Bitter Rally
2011 The Firkin O Bitter Rally
2010 Barrel Bikers Firkin O Bitter Rally
2009 Barrel Bikers Firkin Rally