R.I.P Mole

Longstanding club member Graham “Mole” Daniells passed away in November
2020 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.
Mole joined the club in 1984 and was a prominent and active member throughout. During his tenure he held the roles of vice chairman, club secretary, club liaison office and public relations officer as well as supporting other members with work on the club’s many rallies, shows and events.
Mole was particularly passionate in his support of local charities, often playing a key role in organising charity events and ride outs. Mole was a “larger than life” character and loved to take part in events, sometimes in fancy dress, to raise money for charities and bring a smile to people’s faces. He was a regular fixture at the Newport Pagnell Christmas lights switch-on events dressed as Santa on his trike with his beloved wife, Karen, as Mrs Claus.
Another passion of Mole’s was photography. He took photos at all club events and a large percentage of the pictures shared across the Barrel Bikers website and Facebook were taken by him. He had a talent for catching people pulling strange faces, or in odd poses, that made clubmates both laugh and despair at times!
He worked in engineering for many years but would use his skills to assist friends with their computers or electrical issues. These included working on bikes/trikes and at one point the lighting on a friend’s canal boat. And who can forget the infamous “Mole light” phase the Milton Keynes bike scene went through in the early 00’s when everyone seemed to have Mole’s LED setups on their bikes!
There are few members of the Barrel Bikers, and other local clubs, who have not at some point been helped out in some way by Mole. Whether it was roadside assistance for breakdowns, help with setting up a printer, tips on the best places to get work done on their bikes or a big hug on a tough day. Mole will leave a huge hole in our lives and be sorely missed.
Club meetings will not be the same any more without the chairman’s “Any other business?” being followed by Mole raising an additional point.
Farewell Mole, and we say on your behalf for one last time, to all your friends left behind: “Ride free, and keep the rubber side down”

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