The GPO Rally

The GPO Rally is our largest event we hold. It is in Milton Keynes, usually a 500 limit field rally with a live band and real ale bar marquee, a seated hot food and chill marquee, silly games, stalls, a large bonfire and all you would expect from a good rally. We usually hold the GPO Rally on the weekend including the first Saturday in October.

Next years GPO Rally is our 40th and will be held from 24th to 27th September 2020:


Some photos from previous GPO rallies:

2019 GPO
2017 GPO
2016 GPO Rally
2015 GPO Rally
2014 GPO
2013 GPO Rally
2012 GPO Rally

The infamous GPO "Titanic" Rally

2011 Barrel Bikers GPO Rally
2010 Barrel Bikers 30th Anniversary GPO Rally
2009 Barrel Bikers GPO Rally