R.I.P Rufty

R.I.P Rufty
22nd May 1948 – 15th June 2005

Rufty’s Funeral – 28th June 2005

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The Barrel Bikers Mcc would like to thank everyone who turned up to pay tribute to our Rufty, and we would especially like to thank Babs (Ogri Mcc), Mick (Crazy Diamonds Mcc), Jane (Barrel Bikers Mcc), Mace, Paul (Barrel Bikers Mcc), & Mad Mick (pictured above) for being outriders, and stopping the traffic for the funeral procession.

Rufty’s Cousin, Edwin sent this email through the website to all the Barrel:

Hi Mole,

Having found your website just a note to say thanks to all the BBBs who gave Rufty (that’s cousin Paul to me) a wonderful send off on Tuesday, I don’t know you, you don’t know me but we all knew and were touched by one of the world’s good guys, and you ‘did him proud’, thanks, please do let the other BBBs know their presence was truly appreciated.

Thanks and cheers from Paul’s cousin, Edwin


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